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RivLabs™ Sand Free Mat
RivLabs™ Sand Free Mat
RivLabs™ Sand Free Mat
RivLabs™ Sand Free Mat


RivLabs™ Sand Free Mat

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Love the beach
Hate the sand

 We use it up at Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Michigan. It is an amazing product! Sand filters through as stated, without coming back up through it. The kids can run on and off of it, and the sand sinks right through.

- Milton Hoffman

Fantastic. The weaves allow sand and dirt particles to fall through the mat without resurfacing and you have a clean mat again! Very, very happy with my Sand Free Mat!

- Erica Peterson

sand free mat repellent

Benefits you'll love:

 Sand-Free Dual Weave Technology
Water-Resistant & Ultra-Durability
Military-Grade Construction
Perfect For Beach Days!

Sunshine & Beach Mats

RivLabs™ Sand Free Mat is the perfect outdoor mat for your beach or camping days. 

Love the feel of the sand between your toes but not on your mat?


There’s no need to brush it all off before settling down. Any sand that gets on to these clever mats will disappear through the dual-layered weave right back to where it came from.

How It Works

Each Sand-Free Mat is made of 2 separate weave layers. The top layer allows sand and dirt particles to slip through the mat. The bottom layer provides resistance that prevents sand from coming back up.


Any sand that lands on the mat disappears INSTANTLY!

More Reasons To Love This

Fun fact: The genius behind RivLabs™ Sand Free Mat is from the military. Eventually, the sand weave technology was adopted to make this coolest invention ever.

anti sand mat

Rest assured, your Sand Free Mat is of  military-grade build, ensured to be water-resistant, ultra-durable and quick to dry. No worries about it turning yellow after a period of time as it is also anti-bacterial and UV resistant.

Multiple Outdoor Uses

We understand that life outdoors can have its downsides. Worrying about sand, dirt, grit and grime doesn't have to be one of them. Why not be just as comfortable sprawled out under the stars as you would be home on the sofa?

anti sand beach mat

Perfect for true outdoor enthusiasts and families who demand durability and convenience. It works great as a ground mat when you're at a camp, hike or the beach.

Get your shoes on and bathe in the sunlight today!


Material: Military-Grade Mesh, Polyester Fiber
Color: Blue
Weight: 380g
Size: Small, Medium or Large

What's in the box?

1x RivLabs™ Sand Free Mat
1x Protective Layering Package

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