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RivLabs™ BouncyCurls
RivLabs™ BouncyCurls
RivLabs™ BouncyCurls
RivLabs™ BouncyCurls
RivLabs™ BouncyCurls


RivLabs™ BouncyCurls

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★★★★★ Customers rate us at 4.83/5 based on reviews.
Yara Israni
I tried BouncyCurls on my 4C, 4B natural hair and the results are insane... The waves are so natural and offer a completely different look. It's amazing how these little tools can do!

Benefits you'll love:

  • Bouncy Curls for You!
  • Heat-Free Styling Kit
  • Easy to DIY at Home
  • Long-Lasting Curls
  • Works Even for Coily or Kinky Hair

Let your curls do the talking

RivLabs™ BouncyCurls creates perfectly smooth wavy curls, without the need for heat, which can so often cause damage. 

This heat-free alternative maintains your hair health while letting you style it as you please!

Catch waves, not damage.

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    • Will this work on my hair?

      Certainly! BouncyCurls is perfect for all types and textures of hair. It stretches out natural curls beautifully without the need for heat.

      Males and females alike, do use RivLabs™ BouncyCurls to achieve beautiful, wavy hair. Even if you have shorter hair lengths, BouncyCurls can still be used.

      This is also suitable for child use, as it does not require heating. Thus, there will not be any damage to your child's hair. 

    • How many pieces of RivLabs™ BouncyCurls should I get?

      This is dependent on how thick your hair is. 

      Usually, our customers would need at least 24 pieces for their entire head.

      Since each piece of BouncyCurl can only take a small section of hair for maximum results, it is best for you to purchase the 36 pieces if you have thick hair.

    • How do I use this?

      1. Wash and condition your hair.
      2. Pat dry and detangle.
      3. Apply a leave-in conditioner and then section your hair.
      4. Twist a small section of hair at the root.
      5. Hook the styling wand around the twisted hair.
      6. Gently guide the strand of hair into BouncyCurls.
      7. Leave in for 2-3 hours for best results.

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      We value and respect your privacy.

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    • Why can't I find this at my local store?

      Our products are NOT sold anywhere else apart from rivlabs.com, because we work with our own special line of manufacturers & designers, what you see is only available for purchase on our website.

      The good news is that we ship everywhere in the world with tracking and a 100% guarantee, to wherever you are located.

    • What's in the box?

      1x RivLabs™ BouncyCurls (24 Pieces)
      1x Protective Layering Package

      Material: Premium PTC + Latex
      Color: Purple
      Note: Stretches Up to 120cm

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