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RivLabs™ FlexiBar
RivLabs™ FlexiBar
RivLabs™ FlexiBar
RivLabs™ FlexiBar
RivLabs™ FlexiBar
RivLabs™ FlexiBar
RivLabs™ FlexiBar
RivLabs™ FlexiBar
RivLabs™ FlexiBar


RivLabs™ FlexiBar

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I love how light and convenient this bar is. Honestly, I have stopped going to my local pilates studio and have been working out with this at home. This is perfect! Been doing lunges, squats and curls with it.
- Sheree Caldway
I had found way better results with this bar than the gym I usually go to. There’s just so many workouts that can be accomplished with this.
- Julia Dixon

Benefits you'll love:

  • Burns Fats. Like Crazy!
  • Tone your Arms & Legs
  • Grow that Booty
  • 80+ Exercises in 1!

Build your confidence

In the comfort of your own home.
Or a hotel room.
Or on a beautiful hike.
Build your confidence, anywhere.

At Your Convenience

Want to lose lower belly fat and grow your booty? Get your full-body workout with just 1 exercise bar.

Pilate lovers have been raving about this new gym replacement —works your core, glutes, and hamstrings.

How It's Built

Made with a steel bar connected to 2 resistance band power rope, you'll experience maximum performance while training with RivLabs™ FlexiBar.

Each power rope is connected to a foot loop that stretches as you pull the FlexiBar.

Build Your Core & Glutes

Having RivLabs™ FlexiBar is just like having your own portable Pilates studio.

From bicep curls to lunges, squats, and more, the FlexBar lets you get a full-body workout.

The best part is that you'll be able to build your core and glutes without even leaving your home.

Improve Flexibility, Coordination & Balance

Working out with RivLabs™ FlexiBar is as good as attending a Pilate Reformer Class —or even better.

It heavily focuses on alignment and accurate muscle engagement. Improved flexibility, better balance, and more stability with RivLabs™ FlexiBar.

Whether you're brand new to Pilates or a gym junkie, RivLabs™ FlexiBar is the only home solution that benefits both your mind and muscles.

Perform A Variety of Reformer-Style Movements

Here are some of the 80 different exercises for a full-body workout.

Existing users have reviewed and seen insane results on their bum, thighs, arms, and waist with these 8 simple yet effective workouts.

Give it a try and I'm sure you'll love staying at home to train with your FlexiBar in no time!

  • What workouts can I do with this?

    Some of the workouts we recommend are squats, kickbacks, arm lifts, and chest press. These workouts focus on your core, glutes, thighs, and arms.

    There are more than 80 exercises you can do with just the FlexiBar!

  • Can I disassemble the FlexiBar?

    Yes, you can. You'll be able to take it apart and bring it with you to the gym, office or even when you're traveling.

    RivLabs™ FlexiBar is lightweight and travel-friendly.

  • Can I make the ropes shorter to fit me properly?

    Certainly! The length of the ropes is adjustable.

    You can shorten the rope by making loops on the FlexiBar. This also increases resistance.

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  • Why can't I find this at my local store?

    Our products are NOT sold anywhere else apart from rivlabs.com, because we work with our own special line of manufacturers & designers, what you see is only available for purchase on our website.

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Material: Latex, Nylon, Steel
Size: 96 x 3.8 x 3.8cm (When Assembled)
Weight: 900g

What's in the box?

1x RivLabs™ FlexiBar
1x Protective Layering Packaging