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RivLabs™ FlexiCalves
RivLabs™ FlexiCalves
RivLabs™ FlexiCalves
RivLabs™ FlexiCalves
RivLabs™ FlexiCalves
RivLabs™ FlexiCalves
RivLabs™ FlexiCalves
RivLabs™ FlexiCalves


RivLabs™ FlexiCalves

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I’m always concerned about my calves size and have been looking for a solution. Losing weight didn't help me much but this product definitely did. I've followed the instructions in the video and been doing it consistently. Amazing and easy to use!

- Summer Begley

 After my pregnancy, FlexiCalves helped to reduce my leg swelling. Especially for my calves! It gives a great massage and after using it for a week, my calves significantly slimmed down.

- Mia K Hicks

Benefits you'll love:

  • Tone those Calves
  • Relieve Sore Muscles
  • No More Swollen Legs
  • Feel the Stretch
  • 50+ Exercises in 1!

Legs for days!

A common concern among girls - How do I get those slim legs like Angelina Jolie?

Between the short skirts and bikinis you're preparing to wear this summer, you'll definitely want your toned, slim legs to be the center of attention.


This expert trick that's highly raved by yoga & pilates lovers is bound to have you falling head over heels for it. RivLabs™ FlexiCalves is ergonomically made to tone your calves by reducing swelling and to improve your flexibility. 

Slim Your Calves

After a long day of standing at work, pamper your tired calves with RivLabs™ FlexiCalves. Slip it on snuggly and you'll feel the tightness on your calves. 

RivLabs™ FlexiCalves effectively massage your gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. These muscles are difficult to massage fully with just our bare hands.

And the best part? It takes you just 15 minutes a day at the comfort of your home to get those toned legs! While you're watching a movie or reading a book before bedtime, slip it on and feel the effects. 

How does it work?

Stretch out your legs and place RivLabs™ FlexiCalves under your calves. Pointing your toes or flexing allows tissues to expand and contract while compressed.

This creates an awesome stretch for your entire connective tissue system within your calves. Not only will your calves be toned, but this helps to remove unwanted cellulite significantly.

Swollen calves?

Rubbing your legs with RivLabs™ FlexiCalves reduces swelling by promoting blood circulation and increasing the availability of healthy oxygen to your lower limbs.


This corrective technique is a new trend in helping ladies with swollen legs during their postpartum. Postpartum swelling is caused by an excessive amount of fluid left in the body after childbirth.

Getting a massage with RivLabs™ FlexiCalves helps to drain the excess fluid and reduce swelling for new moms.  

Relieve Sore Muscles

Even if you're not the most flexible person, leverage on RivLabs™ FlexiCalves to stretch your legs, neck and even your back. It extends your reach and develops your core muscle strength. 

Here are some exercises that you'll love to start with on a daily basis. There are more than 50 exercises you can do with RivLabs™ FlexiCalves to stretch your body and tone your legs. 

A little effort goes a long way. Slip RivLabs™ FlexiCalves on your calves to get your toned legs!

    • Which part of my body does this stretch?

      We would recommend you to use it on tone and stretch your calves muscles.

      Besides your calves, you can also stretch your neck, back, and butt by lying on it.

    • How do I use RivLabs™ FlexiCalves?

      Stretch out your legs and place RivLabs™ FlexiCalves under your calves. It should fit snuggly and let gravity do the job for you. 

      If RivLabs™ FlexiCalves does not fit under your calves, you can slide your calves in this way and it should work the same.Check out our photos above to see how you can use RivLabs™ FlexiCalves for your neck, back and more!

    • How long should I use it?

      It is recommended to use it for at least 15 minutes a day on each part of your body.

      Just lie down on it while you're watching a movie and you'll see the effects of it in no time! Do note that making this your daily routine is essential for slimming and relieving swell.

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    Material: High-Quality Polypropylene 
    Color: Pink
    Weight: 190g
    Withstands: Up to 120kg of weight on it

    What's in the box?

    2x RivLabs™ FlexiCalves
    1x Protective Layering Package

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